JBuilder Integration for the Telelogic/Continuus CM

Project Properties Dialog

Use CM

Check, if this project is controlled by CM.
All other parameters can only be changed if "Use CM" is checked.

The upper right corner of the dialog shows the version information of the currently installed JBCcm.


Enter CM username (ccm start parameter: -user username)

Enter CM project password (ccm start parameter: -pw cm_prj_password). If unset, the password will be prompted for when executing the first CM command in a project session, and then be set and stored using the Master Password concept.

Enter CM server name (ccm start parameter: -h engine_hostname)


Enter CM repository path (ccm start parameter: -d database_pathname)

Use case insensitive filenames
Use lower case file names only when dealing with CM to be compliant with a case insensitive CM repository.

Task List

Task Filter
Regular expression to filter the tasks to be shown in the drop-down list of the Toolbar Icon out of the list of all active tasks assigned to the connected CM user.

GUI client

Use GUI dialogs
Check, if you want to use the CM GUI client dialogs for the commands Diff, History and Select Task.

If you check this option, you need to provide the GUI diff tool in the text field below! For every CM session you open with GUI client option, a CM GUI lient window will poip up parallel to JBuilder automatically when establishing the connection.

If unchecked, the platform independent, javaJava based dialogs provided by JBCcm will be used.

GUI diff tool
Enter full path to the platform dependent, graphical CM diff/merge tool (<CMDir>\bin\utils\ccmdfmrg.exe on Windows platforms) or any other CM compliant diff tool. CM compliant means, that the command has to provide the syntax

command outfile file1 file2
with the parameters
outfile     name of the diff output file to be generated by the diff tool
file1     name of the first file to be compared
file2     name of the second file to be compared

Autosave files before CM operations

Check, if you don't want to be asked for unsaved files before executing a CM operation, but autosave all of these files automatically.

If unchecked, you will be prompted for every file that has not been saved but is subject of the CM command to be executed.

(C) 2000-2004 Olaf Deterding-Meyer