JBuilder Integration for the Telelogic/Continuus CM

Status and Task Selection Icon in the JBuilder Toolbar

The tooltip of an icon in the toolbar is used to inform the user about the current status of the CM connection. In case of task-based CM repositories it also enables the user to update the status explicitly, e.g. to inform JBCcm about a new default task after having changed the default task outside JBuilder.

Clicking on the (enabled) tollbar icon will update the information and therefore proceed the login, if the CM connection is still inactive.

Status values

Possible values of the status icon tooltip are

  • (not using CM)
  "Use CM" in the Project Properties is not set
  • (inactive CM)
  "Use CM" is set, but login is not yet proceeded or has been cancelled
  • (object based ccm)
  a session is enabled for an object-based repository
  • Default Task = (NONE)
  a session is enabled for a task-based repository; a default task is not set
  • Default Task = <task>
  a session is enabled for a task-based repository; a default task is set

Default Task selection

When being connected to a task-based repository, the drop-down list of the toolbar icon offers a set of tasks which can be selected as the new default task. The standard element Update will update the task list.

The set of tasks shown in this drop-down list is the list of all active tasks being assigned to the connected CM user, filtered by the regular expression given in the Project Properties.

To select a task which is filtered out and therefore not shown in this list, you might either change the filter in the project properties or use the item "Select Default Task" of the task-based project menu or project context menu.

(C) 2000-2004 Olaf Deterding-Meyer