JBuilder Integration for the Telelogic/Continuus CM

Logon Dialog


This process will log you into your CM server using the developer role. When you start your first CM command in a project session, you will be prompted for your CM password. The dialog uses the functionality of a special password entry filed, so that the text you enter (usually your password ...) can't be seen by others.

Nevertheless you have to think about security, because your CM client will send your password as unencrypted text to the CM server. So, if you desire to get maximux security, choose a different password for CM than those you are using with other systems (e.g. your Windows or Linux Client).

If you did check "Use CM" in the Project Properties Dialog, but did not enter any other values, the Properties Dialog will be shown first to enable you to enter your settings.

Logon Error

If you typed in the wrong password or did enter some incorrect settings in the Project Properties Dialog, you will get the corresponding error message from CM an a message window.

Please check your CM settings and your password and try again.

Project Session

Every JBuilder project that uses CM ("Use CM" checked in the CM page of the
Project Properties Dialog) has got its own connection to the CM server using the mutli client option of the CM start command. A project session will be enabled when you open the JBuilder project or change any connection parameter in the Project Properties Dialog and stays open until you close the project or JBuilder.

If you quit connecting to the server by choosing "Cancel" in the Logon Dialog (or "Abbrechen" in a german JBuilder as shown above ;-) ...), the Toolbar Icon display the status of "inactive CM". In this case you may connect to CM explicitly by clicking on the toolbar icon.

In 1.x versions of JBCcm, Logon/Logoff was implemented using a single connection and reusing it only while working on the same JBuilder project. Since JBCcm 2.x you will no longer be forced to reconnect to the CM server when switching between JBuilder projects.

(C) 2000-2004 Olaf Deterding-Meyer