JBuilder Integration for the Telelogic/Continuus CM

Master Password Concept

Concept of Master Password

The concept of using a master password enables you to enter one and only one password when starting JBuilder (to be exact: when loading the first JB project managed by CM) ...
... and afterwards you can switch projects and CM connections as you like without being forced to enter any password again.

This is possible, because the master password is used to generate a key for encoding and decoding CM project passwords. You just have to define the master password and all the CM project passwords once - the latter will then be stored safely within the JB project settings. Afterwards the CM project passwords will be automatically decoded (using the key generated from the master password) whenever they are needed to establish any CM connections.

The master password itself is stored in encrypted form using MD5 message digest algorithm, so that it cannot be retranslated from the stored value, but JBCcm can check a master password entered at startup time by also ecrypting it and comparing both encrypted values - the one stored against the one entered by the user at boot time.

For the master password is used to generate the key for encoding and decoding CM project passwords, it should be set once and should not be changed without a good reason to do so! The effect of changing the master password is that you have to re-enter all CM project passwords, because the encoded project passwords can no longer be decoded using the new key generated from the changed master password!

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