JBuilder Integration for the Telelogic/Continuus CM

JBCcm Properties Dialog

Logging Device

Select your desired logging: no logging, logging to stdout or to a file.
The log file can be chosen using a standard Java file chooser dialog.

Setting will be effective directly after leaving this properties dialog.

Master Password

Change the master password used to store encrypted CM project passwords.

Old Password
Enter the current master password (if net yet set, leave blank)
New Password
Enter a new master password to be set when clicking the "Define" button.
New (repeat)
Re-enter the new master password to be set.

Clicking the "Define" button can cause the following error messages to occur:

If all password fields are filled with accepted values, JBCcm will ask you to assure the new setting, because afterwards you will have to re-enter all CM project passwords already stored with their project settings! This is because the stored CM project passwords cannot be decoded successfully after changing the master password.

Language version

Select the desired locale - either the default ("*" = english) or "de" for german dialogs.

If you like to use JBCcm with another locale setting, please feel free to create a new set of locale properties as can be found in the jbccm.jar file (have a look for files of the pattern <package>_<locale>.properties).

(C) 2000-2004 Olaf Deterding-Meyer