JBuilder Integration for the Telelogic/Continuus CM

Release Notes

Current Version

2.4.3 (released 18th December 2003)

Change History

Version Date Description

2.4.3 18.12.2003 minor improvements:
- fixed error caused by percent sign (%) used as CM delimiter

2.4.2 13.12.2002 major improvements:
- FileNode and ToolBar registration changed for JB8 compliance
- menu items disabled for projects not using CM
- bug fix for CM project recognition (task/object based CM)
minor improvements:
- code quality improvements regarding use of static methods

2.4.1 26.09.2002 minor improvements:
- patched for usage of jb7bldpatch 1.3.0 (instead of 1.1/1.2)

2.4 21.09.2002 major improvements:
- master password concept used to store encrypted cm passwords
- JBCcm property page for locale, master pwd. and log settings
- JB7 JavaFileNode patch available
minor improvements:
- improved code quality based on static code analysis results

2.3.0 10.08.2002 major improvements:
- localization of all UI texts - english and german available
- bug fixes for JBuilder7's modified project activation events
minor improvements:
- fully updated online help pages and pictures
- changed naming from Continuus CM (CCM) to Telelogic CM (CM)
- several refactorings

2.2.1 04.07.2002 minor improvements:
- bug fix for JBuilder 7 (node.readonly() needs node.check() first)
- bug fix for checkin command
- no customized icons shown in JB7 due to problems with subclassing
   and registering a spezialisation of JavaFileNode

2.2 10.05.2002 major improvements:
- refactoring to seperate CCM related from JB related code
- more reliable way to separate task based from object based
- option to work with case insensitive CCM repositories
minor improvements:
- bug fix for Windows 2000/XP (tmp dir now may contain spaces)
- bug fix for task-based create in task and checkout to task
- task-based checkin uses "-y" flag to answer 'yes' by default

2.1 04.11.2001 major improvements:
- support for working with Telelogic CM Synergy 6.x
- task selection box as improvement of the toolbar icon
- more flexible and reliable way to find out project name and version
minor improvements:
- bug fixes for Linux (shell commands to start CCM CLI)
- retrieve project name and version delimiter from the CCM server

2.0 09.07.2001 major improvements:
- support for working with task based CCM repositories
- option to use CCM GUI dialogs instead of sole Java dialogs
minor improvements:
- file suffixes used for specific file nodes are user definable
- optional logging feature

1.0.2 13.04.2001 bug fix:
- array bounds read fixed in checking for CCM file status

1.0.1 07.04.2001 minor improvement:
- forced repaint of ProjectView icons after CCM actions

1.0 31.01.2001 first public release

(C) 2000-2004 Olaf Deterding-Meyer