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Olaf Deterding-Meyer 

JBuilder - Telelogic CM - OpenTool

Current Version: 2.4.3 (18th December 2003)

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This piece of software is a JBuilder Opentool, which enables JBuilder 3.5 to X to integrate with Continuus Change Management 5.x and Telelogic CM Synergy 6.x. The program is partially based on the cvs sample from Borland which comes with JBuilder 3.5, which uses the cvs command line interface (CLI) to issue commands to the version control system. Initially changes to the cvs sample were made to

JBCcm runs in JB from version 3.5 to X, but it doesn't use the Version Control OT API of JB4 to X. It has been tested on Windows NT 4 and XP as well as on SuSE Linux 6.3 and 7.2 together with CCM 5.0 and CCM 5.1 as well as CMS 6.1.

The tool originally wasn't much more than a first attempt, but it worked fine with object based CCM repositories. Task based working with CCM is supported since version 2.0. JBCcm in the current form is the result of two client's projects followed by my personal demand for a project to keep in touch with programming Java.

I dont have much time to go on developing it, and because I don't need it myself, I tried to find someone else who wants to go on with it. I've been in contact with Telelogic Germany and gave them the tool for evaluation purposes. They've alraedy distributed it to some of their customers based on some kind of "gentlemen agreement". Since September 2001 Telelogic Germany and I have agreed to cooperate on JBCcm; see credits.txt for details.

Please send your feedback if you experience any problems, if you have any ideas how to improve the tool or if you'd like to improve the tool yourself.

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